The Story of a Story is in the point of view of a story as it’s being written, bemoaning its miserable existence. It appears in Crack the Spine Literary Magazine, issue 120, page 10.

The Saviors of Scarborough is a one-act play published in The Louisville Review, Volume 76, page 119.

My full-length play, Jaathi, enjoyed a staged reading on April 17, 2016 in Cleveland, Ohio.

My article, “Destination Cleveland: Spreading the word about Ohio’s great cultural center to the north” is on page 10. Check it out.

Impatient, a short-short story, has been published in Page and Spine magazine.

A speculative fiction tale, Redrafted, found its home at Lyonesse.

The short story from my novel, Picklemas, appears in Belletrist Magazine.

My poem, My Name, appears on SWWIM’s website.

My short story, Beyond the Guava Tree, has been published by Gyara.

“Rumpel and Franz”, a retelling of the classic fairy tale from Rumpelstiltskin’s point of view, appears in ‘Once Upon a Time In Alexandria: Reimagined Fairy Tales from Modern Voices’, a story collection by Curating Alexandria.

I’m also a blogger at GeekMom:

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